Friday, December 3, 2010

Snow Day and Run Around Screaming

It snowed last week as everyone knows. We did this

which was pretty much awesome. Helen and Lucie (who were sick) got cold and went inside, but Opal sledded by herself for an hour while I fired up the hot tub.

Helen came back out and sat in the yard chair while I tended the fire. Finally, it was ready and me and the girls all squeezed in the tub while it snowed. Pretty much awesome.

Also, the circular floor plan is as spectacular as expected. Opal tried to do 100 laps the other day, but petered out at 86. Mizu and I tried to explain the concept of only 14 more, but it wasn't sinking into tired 5-year-old brain.

Anyway, here's our new favorite game: Run Around Screaming.