Sunday, June 6, 2010

There's life beyond frisbee?

A little reprieve from Nationals coverage to check in on the week. It's been raining like crazy here; one of our neighbors claimed it rained four inches Tuesday night and that doesn't seem like a bad guess. Our summer bridge usually looks like this. We try to put it in before Opal's birthday, which this year meant the third week in April.

It immediately began raining like crazy and Pop went down and lashed it all together and to the bank. We felt pretty good when we got a nice run of good weather at the beginning of May. Then three storms in three days, culminating in Tuesday's deluge. Pop went down to check it out Wednesday morning. It didn't feel right when he walked out on it and he realized it was floating. He turned around and went back up on the bank to watch it. Thirty seconds later it flipped, parted and mostly disappeared. There were a few pieces ledger-locked together. Those are what I'm on in this video:

When the water drops, Pop and Kaki are going to paddle down toward the Deadwood store and see if they can find the tables. If they can find them and if they are recoverable and if they are accessible we might be able to resurrect the summer bridge without too much difficulty. We aren't really looking forward to rebuilding it entirely, but we just had dinner at Pop and Kaki's and it sucked to drive.

In other news, Mizu and I went frisbee golfing:

And Lucie is awesome. She and I played this game for about fifteen minutes while Helen watched Dora. Dora :(

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